Welcome to Jacober Design, a vibrant creative hub located in Winterthur, Switzerland.


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Hey there! Brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind journey through Jacober Design, nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Winterthur. I'm Wendelin Jacober, your creative maestro, originally from the enchanting town of Glarus, surrounded by majestic mountains. Picture this: my creative journey kick-started in the seemingly humble realm of Microsoft Paint—yes, you heard it right, Microsoft Paint.

1. What services do you offer?

I offer a range of services that include graphic design, motion design, and 3D artistry. My expertise lies in creating unique and immersive visuals through the use of programs like Photoshop, Side FX Houdini, and Cinema 4D. Whether it's enhancing images, creating captivating animations, or crafting 3D models, I can help bring your vision to life.

2. Where is your graphic design studio located?

My graphic design studio is located in Winterthur, Switzerland. However, thanks to digital technology, I have the ability to collaborate with clients from all over the world.

3. What is your educational background?

I completed my design preparatory course at the University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. Following that, I pursued my bachelor's degree in visual communication with a specialization in graphic design at HSLU in Lucerne, Switzerland.

4. How did you get into the field of 3D design?

My journey into 3D design began during my studies at HSLU. Over two years, I focused on mastering the art of modeling, texturing, lighting, composing, and animation in Cinema 4D. This intense period of learning and practice sparked my passion for 3D graphic design and motion design.

5. What is Side FX Houdini?

Side FX Houdini is a powerful 3D animation software developed by Side Effects Software. It's known for its procedural workflow and ability to create complex simulations, making it a valuable tool for my 3D design work.

6. What is Artwear?

Artwear is a manifestation of my print and design company, birthed from my passion for screen printing. It represents my love for creating unique, wearable art pieces.

7. How do you approach a new project?

Every new project begins with understanding the client's vision. Once I have a clear idea of what they're looking for, I combine my creative talent, technical skills, and the latest design tools to create something truly unique and special.

8. How can I collaborate with you?

I'm always open to new and exciting projects. Simply send me a message and we can start discussing how we can work together to create something amazing.

9. What does your workflow look like?

My workflow is a fusion of my graphic design expertise with the immersive world of 3D. It's a process that requires creativity, technical prowess, and a keen eye for detail. Each project is unique, and my workflow adapts to meet the specific needs of each one.

10. Why should I choose your services?

When you choose my services, you're not just getting a designer — you're getting a partner who is committed to bringing your ideas to life. With my professional expertise, innovative approach, and passion for what I do, I can help you create visual content that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.